Caswells has one of the most elite, qualified, and professional training staffs in the firearms community. We pride ourselves on being the best and making every student walk away with a knowledge base, sense of accomplishment, and sense of competency that will stay with them forever.

Caswells Instructor Bridger Kimball


Bridger’s interest in firearms began at a very young age. Growing up, Bridger’s father took him out to the desert on occasion where he learned to shoot a .22 rifle and before he knew it his son was addicted. After high school Bridger joined the United States Marine Corps where he served as a Rifleman until an injury during a training exercise forced him to change jobs. Bridger was then attached to 1st Marine Regimental office as a legal clerk and Range Coach. It was then that his joy for instructing others was born. He worked on the rifle and pistol ranges daily to help Marines learn better shooting techniques with not only their service pistols but also their M16s. After leaving the Marine Corps in 2001 Bridger wanted to find a job where he could not only utilize his skills in firearms instructing but also learn the aspects of the firearms retail business.

Bridger started as a Sales Representative at Caswells in February 2001. After working on the sales floor for a year Bridger wanted to become an Instructor, he took the NRA Instructor’s course at his first opportunity. After receiving his credentials Bridger secondary instructed in numerous classes to gain the knowledge he needed in order to teach his own course.

Bridger is now the General Manager at Caswells and oversees both the retail side of the business as well as the range and training operation. Bridger holds certifications from the NRA in Personal Protection, Home Firearms Safety, Basic Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun. He is also certified by the Arizona Department of Public Safety as a General Firearms Instructor and Concealed Weapons Instructor. In 2005 Bridger received certification from the State of Utah as a Concealed Carry Instructor, and is also certified on the IES Alpha X Interactive Shooting Simulator.

Caswells Instructor J.R. Robie


J.R. Robie has been involved in shooting sports most of his life. Before becoming an Instructor at Caswell Shooting Range, he competed in various shooting disciplines and has been a Life Member of the NRA for more than 30 years. J.R.’s NRA certifications include the NRA Counselor, Instructor, and Chief Range Safety Officer. Other certifications include the State of Arizona’s Concealed Weapons Instructor and Surefire’s certified Low Light Instructor.

In the field, J.R. works with law enforcement agencies utilizing the Range 2000 Simulator, in which officers may simulate real life threatening situations. Specific agencies J.R. has worked with, both in and out of the state, include:

  • California as the Security Officer Training Instructor

  • Firearms Training Associates

  • Bureau of Land Management

Some of the best classes he has taught focus around:

  • Basic Shooting Skills

  • Intermediate Shooting Skills

  • Concealed Carry Weapon

  • Concealed Carry Weapon Renewal

  • Low Light

  • Practical Shooting Skills

  • Advanced Shooting Skills

  • Advanced Shooting Skills 2

  • Advanced Shooting Skills 3

  • Tactical Shooting Skills

  • Defensive Shotgun

  • Armed Security Guard Training

  • Unarmed Security Guard Training

  • Private Instruction

  • Refuse To Be A Victim

On the side J.R. enjoys working as the Match Director for the International Defense Pistol Association, (IDPA) Bowling Pin matches and is an IDPA Certified Safety Officer.

Caswells Instructor Russ Kimball


Russ Kimball’s justice system career spans nearly three decades. Today, he is a Federal national security investigator and squad leader. Russ is also an NRA and DPS certified firearms instructor and POST certified law enforcement trainer.In 1977 he entered public service as a sharpshooter for the Arizona Department of Corrections. By 1979 he had moved to municipal law enforcement where his exceptional investigative and report writing skills helped him become an award-winning investigator. By 1982, he had moved from municipal law enforcement to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Phoenix, Arizona, where his proactive, innovative approach to homicide investigations garnered him international recognition and preeminence. In 1990 he was selected to coordinate a multi-national task force investigating the murders of nine Buddhists in a temple west of Phoenix. In 1994, after that crime was solved, Kimball opened a private investigations firm specializing in major felony investigations and government contracts. Many investigative policies and procedures he wrote for the Sheriff’s Office are still in effect today. His law enforcement-related articles have been published in prominent magazines and several languages. One of his articles was made into an NBC television movie, “Terror in the Night”.

Russ holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Studies and is a graduate of two police academies and numerous seminars on police-related topics, including the FBI’s vaunted hostage negotiation school. As a police instructor his presentations have ranged from homicide investigations to report writing. The events of September 11, 2001, compelled Russ back into public service where he now works at the forefront of domestic national security. His commitment to the 2nd Amendment is absolute and he has devoted himself to ensuring private citizens know how to legally and safely defend themselves against the ever increasing dangers of the world in which live.


Take advantage and book a private one-on-one lesson with one of our Certified NRA Instructors. At Caswells, we cater to shooters at all levels. From first-time and beginning shooters to the advanced enthusiast our range and instructors are available for private sessions to help you hone your skills. You must book at least 2 days in advance. You will receive an automated paid confirmation via email after payment is complete.

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