Have you ever wanted to build your own AR15? Well here’s your opportunity! We now offer classes in building your very own AR15, starting from just a box of parts, to fully functioning AR15 that you’ll fire for the very first time during the 2nd part of the class. So what do you do with it once it’s been built? We have you covered of course! With our R100 and R700 classes we will show you how to use and maintain your rifle, so you get the most out of it.

Introduction to Rifles Class


Caswells Course Curriculum: Rifle 100
Introduction to Rifles

The 3-hour class focuses on the basics of the military AR15 rifle, the history, theory of operation, and basic use. This class is designed for a shooter who has recently purchased a military style rifle and would like to know the basics of use. This class is a prerequisite for the Tactical Carbine courses and Long Range Rifle courses. If you are buying an AR15, M1, AK47 or any military-style rifle, this is a great course to add on to your purchase.

Focus areas within this course include:
•  Safety
•  Basic history & theory of operation
•  Dynamics and rifle ballistics
•  Proper loading and unloading techniques
•  Rifle optics
•  Zeroing sites or installed optics

Class Prerequisites:

Equipment and supplies required:
•  Rifle (you must bring your own)
•  One (1) rifle magazine
•  Closed-toe shoes or boots
•  50 rounds of ammunition
•  Eye and ear protection

Course tuition: $50.00

Tactical Carbine Skills Class


Caswells Course Curriculum: Rifle 700
Tactical Carbine Skills

The Tactical Carbine Skills course follows the Introduction to Rifles course and builds on the basic techniques and skills preciously learned. In addition to some review, the Carbine 700 course will dive into some basic tactical carbine skills as well as much more advanced techniques. This two-day course has a great pace and will use both live-fire and dry-fire exercises.

Focus areas within this course include:
•  Safety
•  Tactical Shooting Positions
•  Reloading Techniques
•  Advanced Shooting Positions
•  Close Quarter Skills
•  Barrier Transitions
•  Suppressive Fire Techniques
•  Pistol Transitions
•  Reloading on the Move

Class Prerequisites:
Completed Introduction to Rifles Course.

Equipment and supplies required:
•  Rifle with sling (3-point or single point only)
•  Handgun with strong side holster
•  One (1) spare handgun magazine
•  Three (3) 20 or 30 round magazines
•  Dual rifle magazine pouch or carrier
•  Close toed shoes
•  Knee pads (optional but recommended)
•  400 rounds of rifle ammunition
•  50 rounds of ammunition
•  Eye and ear protection

Course tuition: $120.00

Build Your Own AR-15 Course


We have designed a class that takes the mystery out of AR-15 building and makes it accessible to everyone. Upon course completion you will have your own, self built AR-15. You will know every nut, bolt, and pin, as YOU will have built it!

You will have the opportunity to customize your rifle with accessories of your choice* including sights, magazines, even custom triggers! You really can build the AR-15 of your dreams! *Accessories at extra expense, all additions to be discussed to instructor prior to purchase.

Class Part 1

This class will be held in 2 parts. During part 1 of the course students will receive a stripped lower receiver and will be familiarized with the standard AR-15 parts kit by our experienced instructor. During this portion of the class students will also have the opportunity discuss accessories and upgrades.

Class Part 2

This is where it gets REALLY interesting. Your AR-15 will be ready to assemble with your Armorer’s toolkit (also included in the price) under our instructor’s guidance. Step by step, your AR-15 will take shape in your hands. Once the rifle is complete it will be ready to test fire. We will take you out to the range where you will be the first person EVER to fire your AR-15! All this; the class, the full AR-15 parts kit, stripped lower receiver and armorer’s toolkit for a great price!

Course tuition is $950.00

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