We aim to keep everyone safe and happy, and make sure that everyone has the best time possible when they come to Caswells. If you have any questions about the range, what you need to come and visit us, or what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to call or email mail us.

A. $15.00 per person per hour. Please see our Membership page for details on how you can avoid paying for a lane each time you come in to shoot!
A. Yes, there is a limit of 3 shooters per lane, so please schedule multiple lanes accordingly. Shooters may not use steel-core ammunition or steel shot, tracers or Muzzle Loader firearms.
A. Yes, we have over 75 handguns and several rifles that are available for rent.
A. Yes, we offer hourly private shooting lessons. We have professionally trained instructors on staff for that one-on-one private instruction. You may easily self book online.
A. Customers may shoot any caliber handgun and any rifle, not to exceed .308.
A. Our age requirement is 21 years of age, or have someone 21 years of age with you when you come to the range.
A. Yes, as long as your child is tall enough to point the firearm directly down range parallel to the range floor without aiming towards the ceiling.
A. Yes, all Law Enforcement Officers receive ½ off the regular price for a lane.
A. No, targets must be purchased from this facility.