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HALF PRICE P100 class

The fantastic half price P100 class here at Caswells is BACK! Between 6pm and 10pm Thursday 7th of March what better way to spend an evening! BOOK TODAY!

Book this special class TODAY!!

What better way to really know your firearm than to build it from the ground up?

Building your own firearm is, of course, the best way to know every nut, bolt, pin, and spring and where they all belong.
With the “Build Your Own” classes, learn how to strip and maintain these great guns with this great value class.

Glock Maintenance Course


How do you disassemble a Glock completely? What steps are necessary to clean the firearm in a safe manner? Our certified Glock armorer has the training and experience to help you understand the basics of complete disassembly and reassembly beyond your basic field stripping of a Glock. If you are interested in learning more about the mechanics of your firearm and how to install drop in items like ZEV TECH and GHOST, this is the course for you. We try to keep the class size to a maximum of 10 students so that each student can get quite a bit of 1-on-1 instruction. Courses are offered on a monthly basis and run between 3 to 4 hours. A Glock disassembly tool is included.

Class Prerequisites: None

Equipment Required: Glock

Build Your Own AR-15 Course


We have designed a class that takes the mystery out of AR-15 building and makes it accessible to everyone. Upon course completion you will have your own, self built AR-15. You will know every nut, bolt, and pin, as YOU will have built it!

You will have the opportunity to customize your rifle with accessories of your choice* including sights, magazines, even custom triggers! You really can build the AR-15 of your dreams! Please note that accessories are at extra expense, all additions to be discussed with instructor prior to purchase.

Class Part 1:

During part 1, students will receive a stripped lower receiver and will be familiarized with the standard AR-15 parts kit by our experienced instructor. During this portion of the class students will also have the opportunity discuss accessories and upgrades.

Class Part 2:

This is where it gets REALLY interesting. Your AR-15 will be ready to assemble with your Armorer’s toolkit (also included in the price) under our instructor’s guidance. Step by step, your AR-15 will take shape in your hands. Once the rifle is complete it will be ready to test fire. We will take you out to the range where you will be the first person EVER to fire your AR-15!

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