A woman shooting during Ladies DaysA woman shooting during Ladies Days

Shotgun Training

One of the Most Efficient Home Defense Tools

Our NRA qualified and highly experienced instructors will ensure on completion of your shotgun training you get the best from your firearm.

Introduction to Shotguns
Shotgun 100


4 hours

Introduction to Shotguns is a 3-4 hour course designed to provide students with the basic instruction and understanding of the shotgun, its history and purpose. The shotgun can be a great all around tool for not only fun target shooting, but also as a very effective defensive weapon for the home.

Focus Areas:

  • Shotgun fundamentals
  • Safe manipulation of the shotgun
  • Ammunition selections/ purpose
  • Automatic vs. pump style shotguns
  • Characteristics of various shotgun loads
  • Live fire practice

3 hours class time, 1 hour range tim

Class Prerequisites:

  • Positive attitude and willingness to participate

Equipment Required:

  • Semi-automatic or pump shotgun (we suggest you bring your own, rentals are limited)
  • At least 20 rounds of ammunition (ammo must be a number 6 shot or larger pellet size)
  • Eye and ear protection
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Man holding shotgun Man holding shotgun

Defensive Shotgun Training
Shotgun 200


7-8 hours

This builds on the elements of the Introduction to Shotguns course and elevates the student’s understanding of a shotgun. When it comes to firepower and home defense it is hard to beat a well-trained individual. Smaller shooters are encouraged to use 20ga or .410ga.

Focus Areas:

  • Review of skills from Introduction to Shotguns
  • Basic shotgun reloading techniques
  • Shooting at stationary targets
  • Different defensive shooting positions
  • Proper ammunition selection for defensive shooting scenarios

1 hour class time, remainder is range time

Class Prerequisites:

  • Introduction to Shotguns or able to demonstrate proper loading/unloading and operation

Equipment Required:

  • Semi-automatic or pump shotgun (suggest you bring your own, rentals are limited)
  • 140 rounds of ammunition (120 rounds of number 6 shot or larger pellet size, 10 buckshot, 10 slugs)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Attached weapon light (recommended but not required)
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caswells-man-pistol-range caswells-man-pistol-range

All instructors for this course are required to have NRA Certification,
and/ or have prior Military, Law Enforcement or competitive shooting backgrounds.

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